We Go Way Back

by I Love Your Lifestyle

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Recorded by Patrik Stacke, Tuff Studio
Mixed by Patrik Stacke, Tuff Studio.
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Maniac Mansion.

Released by:
Dog Knights Productions
NDE Records

(UK/EU) Get it on vinyl from Dog Knights Production here: http://dogknightsproductions (dot) limitedrun (dot) com/products/566044-dk089-i-love-your-lifestyle-we-go-way-back-12-lp-splatter-150-orange-350

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Guest vocals on "Summer 03" by Julia Ganesh


released February 22, 2016



all rights reserved


I Love Your Lifestyle Sweden

I Love Your Lifestyle are friends from Malmö/Gothenburg, Sweden. Playing songs.

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Track Name: Nice Jacket. Not
How does it feel?
What are your reasons
for all this fucking
none living?
What are you doing?
Taking pictures of yourself while
you're reading?
Why the hell are you posting that?
Your food looks like shit on a plate
I'm actually terrified,
what if I yeah, what if you
became like that?
Cheers to us and to
what we became.
Well I feel a little ashamed
cus once i felt really happy,
I got fifty likes
Don't share your thoughts
Don't share your dreams
We don't give a fuck
about what you're eating
The reason why we
don't hang out is cus
Everything that you do
Is not happening if you don't
Take pictures and put on a filter
and post it on Instagram
Don't waste my time
Don't ruin my day
I don't need your stupid opinions, ok?
I'm not your friend
You don't even know who i am
So why are you adding me
on Facebook then?
Track Name: My Yard
I'm throwing it all out
Stupid notes and memories
My mind's clear when i'm done
Your shoes will be all gone,
accidently slipped them in
the trashcan in my yard.

There's something
about your way of just being
totally misleading

Do you also feel so dumb
how we both wasted two years
of our lives? No doubt.
I'm cutting you off now
And this is my closure
so take care, or do not
Track Name: Jazz Nights
Nothing's good on boxing day
No one is here to stay
Everytime i see your faces
I wish I did it on daily basis

Jokes to be told and songs to be sung
We're all getting old
but tonight we are young
We're shouting it out from the top of our lungs
Tonight there's no doubt
we'll show all how it's done

Not a single day with nothing to do
When I was heading out then so were you
Wednesday, friday and saturday too
We kept it alive and we kept it true
Always the same bar and same routine
We wore the same shoes,
same shirt and same jeans

Jokes to be told and songs to be sung
We're all getting old
but tonight we are young
We're shouting it out from the top of our lungs
Tonight there's no doubt
we'll show all how it's done
Track Name: Common Sense
Domination techniques and misogyny
Douches constantly mansplaining
It's so sad it's funny how (paradoxical)
Some antiracist men patronize women
Elitist macho jerks, counter productive work
We could definitely need more allies
Than more slops that "simply don't care"
You've got to close your eyes to not see it
It's time to start wanting to be aware
It's so sad it's funny how intersectional
Some people's way of thinking
is only when they are drinking
Hipster hypocrites who care only when it fits
You've got your new poster
Where should you display it oh, so proudly?
We could definitely need more allies
Than more slops that "simply don't care"
We've got a tendency to forget
to stop delegating to someone else
Track Name: Oh, Twisted Me
I had that something until that tention cought me
And now i'm searching for that something,
before your attention catches me again

I try not to be a salesman, yet I try hard
to be a good colleague
Well fuck that, ain’t there anything more
important to say?
I guess not
Well guess again

Fighting heights, learning to do
all the stupid things they’re telling us to
We should start our acting
Start to convert our own words into action
And start to make a difference
Let us practice what we just preached
and see how well we do

Who am I to tell you what to do?
I’d save time, and a lot of energy
And make up with my own self-centred mind
And make up a new plan of my way of living

Ignorance will make us rich, let us count
our big money and celebrate our fortunate faith
Our lack empathy will make us great
"Punks want to smash the state
But the only thing they do is drink and smell bad"
I guess that includes you and me
Oh, how we're all so dumb and sad
Track Name: Overall Adderall
investing every last penny on brief adventures
Well then again,
everything doesn't compute all the time
I dare myself to
start doing things without someone is telling me to
Track Name: Testimonial Deadline
Writing my testament
now that i've stopped making sense
I have to know they will not ramble about
any shit concerning the bible
or my "arrival to heaven"

Play the tunes I told you

I might as well make sure they won't
turn me into someone they only thought they knew
cus I could never blame it on anyone else

I've planned a film so you've got to buy a projector
On "The Last Waltz" there is one part
I want my sorrowers to see

Play track six on side five

I might as well tell you how I'd like it to
be the last time all of you think and truly
care about what we had when I was alive
Track Name: Routine
I'm lying to myself when i say
i'm over my act of postponing
I try to straight myself out and from time to time
i manage to trick my mind it shows improvement.
Oh, pretty moments, when it's happening so fast
It's closing in with high speed.
I'll make it.
My head has broke down
far too many times.
It is uncanny how our lives
look just the same
yet mine never seam to
point the way that i want to.
All the mornings are brand new starts
In the day time it's just right.
But there's always something,
always things i rather do
than all the things i have to do.

This is the last time
The very last time
Track Name: Brain Freeze
You told me that just to freak me out
My self-consciousness was on the
bottom already when you
shot me in the head
No worries I stopped making sense before I knew how
it turns out and ends
I told you that just to freak you out
You're doubtfulness was really high
already when I was messing
up your head
You'll be surprised
and scared like hell when you're time comes
to say goodbye to me
Now it's too late,
what do you regret?
Track Name: No Time for Major Fuck Ups
Instantaneously I book myself
up for two weeks or three
I'll forget all the things that you've told me
There's always some things I need to achieve
Our former lives, they've all passed by
It's time to choose
With resumés filled with tons of clichés
We've got nothing to lose
Oh, so carelessly I've tried to blank out
my own history
It would mean the world to me
if you sorted me out from your memory
Our former lives, they've all passed by
It's time to choose
With resumés filled with tons of clichés
we've got nothing to lose
We've been aiming for that goal for so long
But our weaknesses have came on too strong
Track Name: Birds of Paradise
Too little time to find something to care for
Too many ways to live, still no original
It's too easy to pretend I'm to your lecture
But too hard to care when I'm so fucking tired of all pretentious words
They still come around
Track Name: Dirty Shades
When i'm drawn
towards the heavy star
I choose to remember
your suttle way
your dirty shades,
your endless praise,
your retro hate.
Sleeping in your car,
eating breakfast in the park,
drinking gold until the morning.
The barn, the stars,
your new guitar.
Smalltowns, posers,
three white princes by the wall.
The park, the dance, the dark,
this right here, the bird,
skateboard, summer,
punk rock shows
how nothing is fun anymore.
Seeing the world through
your dirty shades.
Track Name: Röda Mössan
Är det din tid, min tid?
Är det din värld jag saknar?
Det var vår värld i våras
Det är våren jag saknar
Det var vår tid en lång tid
Alla fanns där i din lägenhet
Det var vår värld de åren
Det är de åren jag saknar
Våra filmer, musiken
Alla bilder på dig och mig
Röda mössan, magneten
Alla kvällar hem till dig
Runda bordet i köket
Jakob Hellman i ditt vardagsrum
Själva Verket på Torpa
Alltid saknad, aldrig glömd
Hostar tjära från alla cigaretter
Med en pinne i mun balanserar du
På ett ben utanför det där huset
Där din ro hittat fram men det är försent
Det är svårt att se ljuset i tunneln
När allt påminner om dig
Alla saker som får mig att tänka
På allt du lärde mig
Track Name: Summer 03
Again, stuck scanning that picture of me
Summer 03, thirteen, no job, no rules
No sex, no ex but self esteem instead
Now, look at me
Sad, down for anything
No one can possibly miss like I do
Miss the everyday life, school in 02
When i'm thinking about these
last two wasted years
Again, comparing thirteen year old me
The young and free
With what i've turned out to be may
sound like i've lost it mentally
How many days until
i'm passed this phase
I won't make the same mistakes again
I was never the one who tried
to erase my memory
But that was before my mind
got tired of misery
I was always the one who knew
what choises were the right for me
But that was before my life
got beaten by anxiety
What's next?
What's waiting for me
to fall down to the ground?
I was always the one who knew
what choises were the right for me
But that was before my life
got beaten by anxiety
I will hate myself for doing this